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Blue N Tree Co., Ltd. CEO
Kwon Oh-hyun

Blue N Tree's Content

Nurtures Global Talent!

Talented people who will advance to the limitless 'Blue Ocean', who will create a vast forest like 'Tree'.
Blue N Tree has been at the forefront of developing content for infants and toddlers to nurture global leaders.

To become a competitive leader, Our children need to focus on developing their creativity in early childhood.
This is because depending on how rich knowledge is acquired and how it is applied,
they can flexibly solve complex problems later in the multicultural environment.

Blue N Tree provides the following content based on human resources and know-how researched and developed for more than ten years.

1. Friendly Characters & Story
Children can learn English, which has become the world's common language, basic knowledge of various subjects, and universal virtues and values easily through characters.

2. Self-Directed Play Activities
Children can actively apply the acquired knowledge through play activities that arouse curiosity.

3. A Curriculum That Encourages Repetition
Children can see, listen to, and speak aloud by using paper books, digital booksand teaching aid together.

4. Various Products for Brain Development
Children can develop the left and right brain evenly through content of various genres.

5. Customized Learning Support Service
Children can use learning guide services tailored to their level through one-on-one counseling services in addition to YouTube tips and tricks.

Blue N Tree's content has been consistently loved not only in Korea but also in other Asian countries.
We will strive to create more optimized content based on our experience in research and development for infants and toddlers in many countries.

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